It is our concern as a company within the construction industry what affect this has on the environment and is our responsibility to look and act on ways to help reduce the negative impact this may have the best we can.

Waste within the company will be kept to a minimum, only licensed contractors will be used to dispose of waste accordingly to ensure this is being done correctly and that it complies within the relevant legislation to avoid any negative impact.

We recycle wherever practicable, any rubbish from our sites is collected and brought back to our yard where it is then disposed off accordingly, any recyclable materials are then separated and recycled by a licenced contractor or if we can re-use the product this will then be acted upon. For our bigger projects where we are producing a larger amount of waste, we use licensed contactors skips to collect the waste and these are then disposed off accordingly with said contractor.

When on our sites and working on projects no matter the size we take the upmost care in minimizing the risk of negative effects on the Flora and Fauna around these projects. Specific checks can / have been carried out when we come across specific and protected species to ensure no damage is caused to the conditions and presence where possible.