Health & Safety

We take the safety of our employees very seriously with the countless risks and hazards working in the construction industry holds. Working with potentially hazardous substances and materials, working at heights, operating dangerous machinery and activities construction workers are exposed to daily means it is essential to ensure that training, policies and procedures are followed and updated regularly. As well as updating risks managements constantly to make sure the company is always compliant with the changes in legislation.

Health and Safety within the construction industry has the statistics of around 54,000 non fatal injuries each year in the UK, with also an average of 41 fatalities a year with 36 of those being construction workers.

We also ensure that our customers are aware of the risks and safety precautions when hiring plant equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure you are competent and confident in operating the machinery, Flawless Plant Hire can guarantee that all machinery has been checked and passed the relevant safety checks before handing over to our customers.